…to contribute to our ‘Deep Space’ project

The unknown attracts us all, and in this project we explore ‘Deep Space’ and cosmic rays through the media of movement, sound, art and design. We invite you to join in, this is an OPEN CALL to ALL CREATIVES, nature lovers, artists, craftspeople or scientists for artwork or imagery, in any 2D medium; collage, photograph, painting, drawing, mark making, print, printed data etc. e.g. a photo of the night sky, a natural formation or texture, or a photo of a 3D artwork.

Your images will make an essential contribution to this participatory art/design led costume project. Images will be will be brought together and transformed into digitally printed textiles and incorporated into nine dance costumes. The costumes incorporate plain fabric with printed panels of art, so that the clothing is also a moving canvas. In an artistic response to the cosmos and our relationship to it, eco-designer and DEEP SPACE Project Artist Andrea Carr will also include chance encounters such as lucky dip as well as allowing one element to spin off and affect another within the design development.

There are four main themes within Lois Taylor’s choreography:

  • ORBIT – oscillations, repetitive patterns, magnetism, Voyager Space Craft, space junk, planets such as Venus, Neptune, constellations such as Orion’s Belt
  • COSMIC RAYS  – which are energetic particles hitting the earth, gamma rays, pulses, waves, data
  • IMPACT collide, cataclysmic, fuse, forge, scatter, black holes, implode
  • EXPANSION – scales of distance, micro, macro, positive and negative spaces

All artwork will be displayed and credited in our online gallery and Andrea will endeavor to include as many artworks, as possible in the costumes. By submitting your imagery you give permission for it to be shared on our website (the imagery will only be used as part of this project/documentation) and for the designer to incorporate freely and creatively.

Please email by midnight on 16th March 2018 as follows:
Choose ONE piece of work and email TWO versions of that image (a 180 DPI jpg for the digital print textile, and a 72 DPI jpg of the same image for the website) with the Reference Deep Space and the Title of the Work. Please also include YOUR NAME, the MEDIUM and SIZE of the original art work (width cm x height cm). You can also send two lines about your piece & website details for inclusion in our online gallery if you wish. Please can you indicate which section (ORBIT, COSMIC RAY, IMPACT, EXPANSION) you feel it belongs in.

The DEEP SPACE dance experimentation & performance event takes place at Sterts near Liskeard, Cornwall at 7pm on 21st April 2018 and features groundbreaking musical outfit Michelson Morley in collaboration with dance artist Lois Taylor and a company of eight professional dancers, alongside costume designer Andrea Carr and film/live visuals practitioner Joanna Mayes. It reveals the key collaborations between musicians, dancers, astronomers, scientists, filmmakers and designers as they jointly explore ways to articulate the creative energy of the universe. This experimentation is a vital element of the Dark Skies: Bright Stars project, working at the cutting edge of media, arts and scientific ideas on space and time. The event also includes a new work, ‘Music For The Night Sky’, created through a partnership between Sounds Vital and Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s Patrick Bailey, working with a wealth of regional practitioners.

Performance on 21st April 2018 at Sterts:

Dark Skies: Bright Stars from Mayes Creative – an ongoing programme exploring the exciting history of astronomy in Cornwall, and is supported by Arts Council England, FEAST Cornwall and Heritage Lottery Fund with support from LUX and Cinestar.  FB/Twitter @MayesCreative