Deep Time: Filmmakers’ opportunity

If you get something in to us this morning….(Tuesday 8th May) you might just be able to sneak into our call….we are aware that the Bank Holiday has made things difficult for getting things done!Stop Press: Don’t forget our May Bank Holiday 3 day film weekend! Single days available to learn peracetic reversal processing or join us to make handmade emulsion (make your own film…). A really special opportunity in Cornwall, not to be missed! Click here for details.

As part of our Deep Space project, we are inviting expressions of interest from 16/8mm filmmakers to make a short film about Deep Time.

Our film call panel will choose 9 artists to make their short film; we provide 100ft of film (black and white or colour) and high quality telecine.

Timescales are tight – this is a chance to take a more spontaneous approach to filmmaking, with only one week for making and one for digital editing.

We hope you enjoy the challenge!

The films will be shown both in traditional screening environments (sound available) and also as part of ‘constellations within a sculptural film pod, touring festivals in the SW this summer. We are also hoping that the screening/location of films in the space will be controlled by our raspberry pi-based cosmic ray detector! Films will not be intervened on, but sound may not be possible (we ha r specially commissioned music which may be playing for example) and, when shown in the pod, films may only be viewed in clips/stop and start in random places, or viewed alongside different films (in a tryptic with other films for example).

Preference will be given to SW artists or those with a strong connection to the area.

This film call is being supported by Cinestar, LUX and Plymouth University Media Research. Funding support kindly provided by Arts Council England and Feast. Lux are providing distribution support.

Panel: Ben Cook (Lux); Kayla Parker (Plymouth University); Jacqui Knight (Cinestar) and Joanna Mayes (Mayes Creative)

6th May – deadline for call for expressions of interest/film ideas
14th May – offer made to participating artists, 100ft sent to each artist
25th May – films to process/telecine
1st June – telecine to artists for editing
11th June – edited films back to us

How to Apply (deadline 12 midnight on 6th May):
Please email us by clicking here or emailing bookings(@), removing the brackets.

We would like to know:
1. What your approach to making this film, both thematically and technically
2. Anything interesting about your filmmaking/creative/other experience and interests which will support your application
3. Your agreement to the above schedule
4. Which film stock you would like if successsful: Fomapan 100R (16mm/8mm), Kodak Double X or a colour stock from Frame 24’s stock (click to take you to their site)
alternatively, you can use any stock of your own
5. Please provide a postal address
6. If successful we will ask for a short description of your film and a short CV


Image Credit: Joanna Mayes, still from Solar Observatory 2018 (16mm, hand reversal processed in peracetic acid