Semaphore Stories on Scilly

Event: 11-12 May 2019

This was a lovely event on Scilly, presented by Mayes Creative as part of Create Scilly.

ARTiculate Artists, Imogen, Laura & Reg travelled to the Isles of Scilly over the weekend of May 10th to 13th 2019 to run colourful and creative weekend workshops as part of the Create Scilly events run by the Islands’ Partnership, and supported by Mayes Creative as part of their Lizard Beacons project.
‘Semaphore Stories’ gave locals and visitors the opportunity to illustrate and share true stories around the theme of communication and saving lives at sea around Scilly. We unearthed some amazing, moving and entertaining maritime stories which we shared with our participants. Using a simple and effective method of heat dye transfer, participants illustrated their chosen stories with coloured inks, creating amazing images which were transferred onto polyester silk banners.
These banners were then fashioned into hanging lanterns which formed the centrepiece for an evening of story sharing.
Although numbers were relatively low at 26 in total, the participants we did have were very enthusiastic and generally stayed for a very immersive experience – two families in particular.
Technically, the artistic process went very well indeed and the results were greatly admired by those who took part and by locals and visitors who saw the work.

The story sharing was also very well received with people sharing their local knowledge and personal memories of some of the key events alongside Reg and Laura. It felt like everyone learned something new about a story of rescue or communication and had a very positive time in general.

Some of the artwork is now exhibited on St Mary’s above the Library entrance, and the banners will all be kept for future use at RNLI and community fundraising events.