The Last of Me Will Wait – Joanna Mayes with Michelson Morley,
filmed on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway and the Moseley Toy Museum
(8mm film hand processed with caffenol)

Joanna Mayes – artist filmmaker

Joanna’s recent filmmaking practice has involved working with 16mm and Standard 8 film, using a Bolex camera and hand-processing film in her kitchen using Caffenol (instant coffee, vitamin C, washing soda and salt). Jo especially likes the fact that all these ingredients are already present in her kitchen (if not usually mixed…), creating a sense of domesticity within the practice. Jo has also been collaborating with jazz musicians Michelson Morley to make simple films recording the physical details of the relationship between the musicians and their instruments. Hand processing creates unexpected physical interventions; especially appropriate to a musical practice which is based on improvisation. Joanna is co-founder of the Artists’ Film Project, Cinestar.

Still from Star Mirror (2018), filmed at the Solar Observatory, Truro

Still from Bass Strings (2014), hand processed in Caffenol.
Jo’s recent collaboration with experimental jazz group Michelson Morley has resulted in what Jo describes as an ‘un-pop video’ (Cross-stream Roundtrip (2014) – see above) to support the album launch. Jo also provided live visuals, based around this footage, for the launch of Michelson Morley’s debut album ‘aether drift’ at The Cube in Bristol (April 2014). A suite of three pieces, film running ‘alongside’ different tracks from ‘Aether Drift’ will be released soon, as is a new collaboration with guitarist Dan Messore.
“Cross-stream Roundtrip Time” short film and Live visuals created for Michelson Morley‘s album launch in May, re-using the handmade 16mm film created for our short film collaboration
“Primitive One” live visuals

“Rice Rage” live visuals