The final day of the main residency brought us a talk by Mayes Creative’s own Joanna Mayes on her phd research into stars and stones, followed by a presentation of and discussion around materials from the Royal Astronomical Society Archive, with librarian and archivist Sian Prosser. A final wrap up and discussion about next steps ended the day; but we’ll meet again in a month, so this definitely isn’t the end…

Lewis Andrews

The Final 2 chalkboards for the week completed; one touching upon again the atoms in our body and the other touching upon starlight!

Melissa Hampson-Smith

Piece with discarded wire from mixed media painting pad. A dying star with a black hole. Inspired by works created by Lewis Andrews.

Working into patina on reclaimed Copper. Inspired by Anna Walsh & her work in oil bars; ‘living star’.

Joyce Datiles

Entering Mercury Retrograde tomorrow with new perspectives after this week, carrying universes with me now.

Joyce’s Video

Susan Mannion

Looking at ways of making my own Nebra disc, but using materials I have and looking at the night sky around me.

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