Today saw the introduction of our participating artists with each other and with Mayes Creative. Firstly we were joined by Justin Wiggan, sound artist, collaborator and public interventionist, who, with Joanna Mayes, explored ‘400 Light Years’ and creative responses to research stimuli. The afternoon brought a fascinating journey to Mars with Lucinda Offer, the Royal Astronomical Society Outreach and Education officer, and a Q&A with Mayes Creative’s ‘resident astronomer’ Carolyn Kennett.

Find below some of the first responses to these events, by the participating artists:

Anna Walsh

Some creative responses to todays first day on the residency! I was particularly inspired by the talk by Lucinda Offer from the Royal Astronomical society and the pictures of the nebula, as well as the other participants quick creative responses to the first talk with Justin and Jo. I thought I would do as many small works as possible in a short time, as this is a very different way to how I normally work, which usually depends on a lot of research and observational drawing and is quite time consuming. I was thinking about the elements of the universe periodic table when I was making them and the layout. They are made using water based ink and also gold paint and silver ‘dust’. Very different to everything I have done recently but felt liberating!

Alice Courvoisier

Lucinda’s talk today reminded me of how much fun artist Jess Wallace and I had one night taking taking pictures of ‘exo-planets’. You can see an example below. The background story can be found at:

Lewis Andrews 

I have not been able to make any creative responses today since I have been moving into my new art studio today, however: recently just before the residency I’ve been making multi-drawing works named ‘Core Collapse’ touching upon the deaths of stars! All of them so far depict the core collapse supernova of massive stars but after yesterday’s talk when I get to the studio later I will make a few more core collapse drawings but also attempt to make some drawing responses touching upon the death of stars like our own sun, giving birth to white dwarf stars.

Melissa Hampson-Smith

Some of today’s responses. Layers of recycled materials to form a layered recycled/ reformed new star. Neon Cloth, Coper, Brass, Copper with deep patina.

Painting of Hyper Giant, Nebula & Milky Way. Made during talk from Lucinda Offer on Starlight,  Starlife. Includes glow in the dark & light reactive paints

Tonight’s piece in response to the inspiring set of works made by Anna Walsh. ‘Stars forming in Nebula’  Acrylic, glow in the dark gold foil, pastel

Michele Kothari

A few quick drawings thinking about the absorption colour charts of the elements of stars and exo planet star maps.

And to round us off, Carolyn Kennett shared the following:

I’m glad we went to Mars with Lucinda’s talk. On the 30th May, it is 50 years since Mariner 9 went to visit the planet and map the surface for the first time.  There is a lovely interview with experts that been broadcast on NBC this week, you can watch it here on youtube

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