Lewis Andrews
Lewis is a visual artist based in Leeds specialising in drawing, print, photography and occasionally film. Graduating in 2019 from Leeds Arts University with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art, Lewis has since returned to Leeds to take an MA in Fine Art. His practice specialises in dealing with complex thoughts, ideas and facts within nature and science. Some of those look at how we are overpowered and overwhelmed in comparison as a species to natural phenomena. Others look into birth, death, creation and rebirth. Lewis’ most recent work has been looking into the life cycles of stars which will be partially continued on this residency alongside some new work touching upon the distance light travels across the Cosmos and the atomic Nuclei that originated from them during their nuclear fusion processes, the origin of Starlight.
Milena Michalski
Milena Michalski is a visual artist and academic researcher. Since 2016 she has been AHRC Artist in Residence at King’s College London, working on a series of international projects on Art and Reconciliation. Milena’s practice incorporates photography, print-making, installation and moving image, with a focus on themes of perception, particularly with regard to specific sites or moments. Milena is currently working mainly with alternative photographic processes. She combines research-based knowledge with experimental methods, incorporating natural materials and resources, such as sunlight and plants, in the physical structure of the work. She considers these non-human agents as co-creators of the work, and finds the frequent unpredictability of the results in such explorations a key part of the adventure.
Anna Walsh
Anna is a visual artist based in South East London. With a Fine Art background (studying Art & Aesthetics at Cardiff, then MA Book Arts at Camberwell college, graduating 2001), Anna also dabbles in design and illustration, and her work is a mix of these disciplines, mostly using traditional observational drawing skills with digital design. She has become a bit obsessed with antique celestial (and other) maps in her recent work, as well as Victorian board games; reworking them to include myths and legends of animals stories she is interested in, including those from London specifically – race horses with unusual stories, endangered species and anthrozoology (interactions between humans and other animals) is a constant theme in her work. Anna is also a founding member of the collective Garudio Studiage, who make-tongue in-cheek design led gifts. In this residency she hopes to use her time to experiment more with materials and more hands on work, as she has been staring at computers rather a lot recently.
Olga Suchanova
Olga Suchanova is a Slovakian emerging visual artist and curator, living and working in London. Through her journeys she is inspired by the nature, properties of matter and energy; and quantum mysticism, which are translated into the light, pattern and form with the use of experimental photography, printmaking and painting. In her work she is questioning the concept of space, time, illusion and reality. My background is in photography, art, science and technology. At the moment she is exhibiting the outcome from the last residency ‘Watching the Sun’ called ‘Journeys : 99 Suns’ in the Lounge at the Thames Side Studios in London from 17 May until 13 June. Olga specializes in alternative photography and printmaking, but also her MA Art and Science final project was created in virtual reality.
Melissa Hampson-Smith
Melissa is a contemporary Artist trained in Fine Art, Sculpture, Silversmithing, Carving, Performance & Environmental Science. She creates wearable navigation sculptures, Talismans containing hidden maps & secrets for the wearer. Inspiration: environments, deep time, micro & macro, space travel, colonisation of celestial bodies, mining asteroids, extreme weathers, discarded man-made materials, protecting our Oceans & re-wilding Earth. Working recycled metals with beach stones in situ on the Cornish coast, a rich Metal Mining area, she connects Earth, Moon, & Ocean. Adding raw & cut gems alongside “Future Gems” (she upscales from discarded plastics) tree resins, seeds, found things, & vintage finds. https://www.instagram.com/mjhscontemporary
Susan Mannion
Susan is passionate about enamelling and printmaking, in particular, the specialism of vitreous enamel on copper and wood engraving. She is influenced by landscape and patterns in nature, fascinated by the meeting point or transition from one form to another, where water meets the shore or when hard architectural shapes are reflected on the soft forms of water in a river or lake surface. Her work evolves from observed detail captured by sketching then laying down the image onto the vessel or copper plate surface creating intricate thread-like lines and fine textural incisions to create an atmospheric, surreal asthetic, distilling a sense of place, time and memory. Susan’s training as an archaeologist and museum curator have inspired her artwork.
Joyce Datiles
JOYCE DATILES is a writer/director, visual artist and historian. She is co-founder of production company, THE SPECTACLE MAKERS PRODUCTIONS which is based at Somerset House and supported by the Mayor of London Good Growth Fund through the Somerset House Trusts and Exchange. She was one of 10 emerging female filmmakers selected by CREATIVE ENGLAND for its inaugural Industry Equals: Women in Screen 2020 and was accepted to TorinoFilmLab (TFL) 2020 and 2021 BFI Network x BAFTA Crew. She is attached to adapt and direct a film based upon a short story by Stephen King set to shoot in Kerry, Ireland in autumn 2021.

Concurrent with her creative work, Joyce is an academic historian. She holds a dual doctorate in ancient history and anthropology awarded in 2017 by UCL, where she is an honorary research fellow (2017-2022). She specialises in ancient battle and heroism in history and on screen. Prior to UCL she studied politics and international affairs at Oxford and Georgetown, and medieval heroism at Cambridge where she was on full academic scholarships and finished with distinctions at all three. She lives between London and Monmouth, Wales.

Alice Courvoisier
Alice is a traditional storyteller with a particular interest in stories of landscapes, journeys and relationship with the natural world. Her background is mathematics applied to astrophysics (studying magnetic field generation in sun-like stars), and Alice has a particular interest in the night sky and in rekindling our connection to it before it disappears in the glares of artificial satellites.
Alice was trained as a scientist, in her native France then in the UK, and spent a number of years researching the magnetic fields of solar-type stars. However, studying the world from a computer screen didn’t really work for her, so she turned to teaching maths and tending to her allotment whilst reviving her interest in photography and experimenting with the ancient art of storytelling, directing talks/performances for the York Festival of Ideas.
Two years ago, Alice joined her partner on her small-holding by the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire. Access to dark skies in this prehistoric landscape has rekindled Alice’s interest in astronomy and now she travels the night through the lens of direct experience, starlore and science.
During the lock-down, Alicebegan hosting a starlore & astronomy podcast. You can find her at: www.talesandshapes.com, which has link to Alice’s Instagram (@talesnshapes), podcast page (www.talesandshapes.com/podcast) and (sometimes updated) Facebook page.
Michele Kothari
Michele Kothari is an artist interested in unseen echoes and edges – especially those that cross the boundaries between art and science. Every interaction that we make as we move leaves a trace of our individuality and these repeated actions leave an invisible interconnected line all around us … our own personal map. This map is intertwined with human existence and our place in the cosmos and helps centre ourselves in the vastness of space and time.
Ideas are often developed in response to a moment or an idea and this will inform the narrative, process and materials that create a visual language. Processes used overlap between photography, drawing, printmaking, bookmaking and stitch. Current work is influenced by wandering and walking through the pandemic and looking up to the space beyond our small corner of the cosmos
Amy Albright
Amy is a Cornish Artist, using paint as her medium and, with her interests and inspiration coming from many sources from our environment, she is particularly interested in how patterns and forms link in nature. Since graduating form Falmouth 10 years ago, Amy has worked as a tutor and painter exhibiting internationally. Layering the paint, starting off loose, she uses expressive gestural marks outlining her composition and then begins a timely process of ‘reining it in’ by blending, fading, pouring and glazing the oil paint in numerous layers, as though an atmospheric cloud has enveloped. Sometimes she incorporates dendrite branch like details as an anchor in an otherwise ethereal world.
An explorer and lover of the natural world, the underwater world and the ever changing elements, Amy takes inspiration from her various sources, most recently Iceland and the dynamic changing weather, tides and coastline of Cornwall where she lives.