Lunar Eclipse Monday 30th November

We are starting the Watching the Sun virtual residency early in the morning of Monday 30th November –  the reason being is that there is a special event happening. A celestial dance in the heavens which occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth all line up. This time the Earth’s orbit means it will come between the Sun and Moon, eclipsing the Moon as it falls into the shadow of the Earth made by the Sun, creating a lunar eclipse. 

Here in the UK we can only see the first moments of this lunar eclipse. The Mayes Creative team are heading outside to watch it from our homes in West Cornwall and we have invited the residency participants to do the same from their homes – cloud and safety willing. 

What’s your experience or memories of eclipses? Have you seen a full lunar or solar eclipse before? What was it like, did it inspire you to find out more about the motions of the Sun-Moon-Earth? 

If you are keen to learn more about lunar eclipses and how they work check this website out:

How to watch and what to expect:

From Lands End the Moon will start to eclipse in the west just before sunrise, it will only be visible for 22 minutes before the Moon sets and the eclipse cannot be seen from our home location. The timings for the eclipse here in Penzance are as follows

Begins: Mon, 30 Nov 2020, 07:32

Maximum: Mon, 30 Nov 2020, 07:50 

Ends: Mon, 30 Nov 2020, 07:54

Duration: 22 minutes

You need to be looking WNW (298 degrees) and choose somewhere with a low horizon.

If you want to find the timings of the event from your exact location and what to look for, you can get them from this website:

The timings will not be greatly different to ours in Cornwall. The further east you go the less time you will see the event for. 

As we know the cloud often is in the way, especially when we least want it to be, so you can watch the event live-streamed online here: 


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