Today we were joined by Melanie King for a talk about her starlight photography work: Ancient Light, followed by a ‘star hopping’ exercise guided by Carolyn Kennett. In the evening Carolyn and Cheryl Straffon presented a talk and discussion on ‘stars in the megalithic eyes’ which explored standing stones and the Cornish landscape in relation to the stars.

See below for some of the responses from the artists throughout the day:

Milena Michalski

A few ‘starlight sketches’ in response to Monday’s talks and in tune with today’s ‘ancient light’ images. Both days so far have been incredibly inspiring, and I am looking forward to the rest of the residency and beyond. Monday’s sessions were inspiring in so many ways, and I am still processing them. I think hypergiants are fascinating, and am planning to make some prints about them. Before I get to those, I will post a few general ‘starlight’ themed concoctions as a starting point:

Starhopping: Cygnus

Alice Courvoisier

Starhopping: The Milky Way as a river, with (hopefully visible) stones to represent the summer triangle.

Anna Walsh

Starhopping: A walked map around my studio in the shape (roughly!) of Cygnus constellation with photos taken of swan themed things (or birds as not enough swan things!). Was hoping to spot an actual swan but no luck… I made a google map where you can click on the stars to see my photos, hoping this link works…..a non interactive image attached if not

Melissa Hampson-Smith

‘Nebular, Pulsar & Crystals’ Piece made today during the wonderful talk by Melanie King. As it is using glow in the dark paint I I’ll try taking a photo tonight inspired by the Cygnus image created by Olga Suchanova.

Drawing made during & after the wonderful talk by Carolyn & Cheryl.

Olga Suchanova


Amy Albright

I starting thinking about mapping and decided to draw Cygnus on an old map of mine where I used to live.. I then traced it and enjoyed the lines of the constellation merging with the map lines… I then wrote some words/poem imagining i was walking the Cygnus lines on the map featuring the places that I had randomly plotted on my map.

Susan Mannion

Here is my fridge door with the magnets acting as the stars. Vega (Snoopy – way too cool), Deneb (Durer’s Rhinoceros), Altair (Paris) and then all the rest. No magnets were harmed in the making of this image!

Following on from Carolyn and Cheryl’s talk, Susan wrote: ‘I loved the presentation this evening. I was googling images of the Near disc and the Rillaton Cup, fascinating. Very interesting the quartz pathway at the Hurlers monuments. Quartz is used here in Ireland on several sites, for example, near where I live is a monument called Queen Meave’s Grave and quartz was used on the massive cairn,  Quartz is considered the sun stone or light stone, supposed to create light when two pieces are rubbed together, triboluminescence.’

And finally, Lewis Andrews shares his constellation:

“White Tack and Crisp Packet”



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