Day three and we’re halfway through the Starlight Residency. Today saw fascinating talks and discussions with Lisa Pettibone and Simon Ashbery, and we were lucky enough to have a guest drawing workshop by Amy Alright. See some of the artists’ responses below.

Susan Mannion

Responses to Amy’s drawing workshop

Susan’s response to Alice’s provocation (“Spend some time outside in the night (or dawn/ dusk) and record your impressions by any means (visual, poetry, sound…)”). She slightly changed the brief due to timing, and recorded light from tonights setting sun on the surfaces of her house. “I am fascinated by light traveling and the patterns created when it meets a surface.”

Michele Kothari

Michele mixed these chemicals to make cyanotypes to be exposed by the light of the Super Moon.

And here are the cyanotypes in process, drying.


And Michele’s responses to Amy Albright’s workshop:

Joyce Datiles

My digital mash-up of a baby star, a black hole and Orion after Lucinda’s amazing talk on Monday

And a very atmospheric picture of the Super Moon

Melissa Hampson-Smith

Nebula String Drawing today on the wonderful workshop session and with Amy Albright. I have now begun drawing into the piece.

Had a great time making this work too!! Paint, pencil, felt tip, biro & orange stick. Nebula blind drawing & star drawings from Amy Albright’s workshop.

Amy Albright

Amy has been inspired by Lewis Andrews’ circular star work:

Work created on yupo paper thinking about veil eagle nebula mentioned in Melanie’s talk and images Carolyn has posted:

Drawing workshop outcomes


Lewis Andrews

So these are some of the new chalkboard artworks you could see behind me, one tells the story of how the elements in our bodies got here from supergiant stars, the other is the distances between us and cosmic objects in miles using the speed of light (186,000 miles a second) and a smaller board where I’ve tryed to translate my drawing technique using chalk

Anna Walsh

A quick mono print I did this morning inspired by the stories of the stars yesterday, I am interested in how these stories come about and how more contemporary stories can be used, particularly about animals. This morning on the news there was a feature on plagues of mice taking over areas of Australia – even as an avid animal and nature lover I found the images quite  incredible and glad I was not amongst them! It made me think of mythological and Biblical stories. I used polarised graph paper to represent the graphical forms of star maps

And Anna’s responses to the drawing workshop:

Alice Courvoisier

Sunrise, with a question brought about by this morning’s session. I think Lisa mentioned that we can forget our connection to the Universe and the light (not just visible) we receive, but on this picture is a TV and cell phone mast – does the quality of what it broadcasts matches that of the Sun? I doubt it.


And finally from Carolyn Kennett:

A very red supermoon taken from the top of Tregonning Hill in west Cornwall – looking towards Breage church and the Lizard




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