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Looking for a creative kickstart and a renewed focus for Spring?

Workplace Wonders is a series of evening workshops designed to wake up your creativity with an insight into new skills and practices.

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Workplace Wonders

Workplace Wonders is about gently moving out of the work environment and into a creative space in your own time, with introductory sessions over Zoom on a range of artist practices, including mark-making, writing, solargraphy and phytograms, all themed around the Spring Equinox. Taking place across two weeks with two sessions a week at family and work-friendly times, join our experienced workshop leaders and arts practitioners for an interruption to the ‘everyday’ and a welcome addition to your normal routine.

Dates: 9th March to 30th March, with sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7pm to 9pm

Price: £75 full price / £35 subsidised

We have kept the cost as low as possible to make this residency accessible to all, with 4 places set aside at the subsidised rate for the low-waged. To apply for the subsidised rate please email, or make it clear in your CuratorSpace application that you would like to be considered for this.

It will be decided on the basis of need, and it will be on trust – we will not ask you to prove your financial situation in any way.

About the residency

The main residency sessions will take place from 9th to 18th March on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 7pm and 9pm, and there will be a follow-on catch up session on 30th March.

The workshops will take place over Zoom, and you will be invited to join a private Facebook group with your fellow participants, where you can share progress and ideas over the course of the residency.

We welcome all to apply; artists, creatives, thinkers and dreamers! There will be opportunities to share and discuss sparks and interests wider than the workshops themselves. We encourage everyone to bring ideas, enthusiasms and questions with them, and we’ll aim to explore these along the way.

The workshops won’t usually require any more equipment than things you can find in your own home, but where there is something more specialised we can provide materials if needed.

As experienced workshop leaders and artist residency producers, Mayes Creative firmly believes that our minds work best when relaxed and creatively engaged. Take a step out of the normal routine and be inspired by introductions into new skills that can be explored further if they spark your interest.

Submission dates:

This is a call for the first round of submissions for everyone and final deadline for the subsidised rate. The deadline is midnight on Sunday 28th February 2021.

Second round deadline, if places are still available, will be midnight on Thursday 4th March 2021. Please watch out for the separate call for this.

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Confirmed for Workplace Wonders: Spring Equinox:

*Keith Sparrow, manga artist, cartoonist and writer, will share a workshop on balancing your light and dark sides in tune with the Spring Equinox, showing you how to use words and pictures to create your own personal equinox-inspired flip-sides and doppelgängers.

*Olga Suchanova, visual artist and curator, will share how to capture the sun with a homemade camera using items found in your very own home.

*Joanna Mayes, Mayes Creative director and analogue film artist, will share the art of phytograms; how to use the chemistry of plants to develop images on photographic paper with sunlight.

*Artist Peter Beeson will explore light and shade, and how to use mark-making to create tone in your drawings.

*Carolyn Kennett, Cornwall-based archaeoastronomer, will lead an introductory session giving background to the Equinox and sharing the stories and creative inspiration around it.

Dr Joanna Mayes
Dr Joanna Mayes
Dr Joanna Mayes has a background in education (BEdHons) and Jazz improvisation., with a PhD in participatory performance/art from Dartington College of Arts. Currently living in Cornwall, creative projects include both creative production and direction as well as the making of installation work and film and is co-founder of the artist film organisation Cinestar. Jo’s continued interest lies in the way in which we locate ourselves and how to extend this understanding through community and performance and how creative technology helps us to achieve this. Alongside this, Jo is also the programmer for the St Ives Jazz Club.
Jo’s continued interest lies in the way in which we locate ourselves and how to extend this understanding through community and performance. Recently working with Cornwall Libraries on the ongoing project series Loop the Loop around Cornwall, Jo is also provided creative production and direction for the current Mayes Creative project Dark Skies: Bright Stars. Jo also devised and delivered the heritage film project Golow Gas in Redruth for Cinestar. Prior to this, Jo provided ongoing tutoring work for University students with specific learning disabilities. Jo is a full member of the Institute of Fundraising. Alongside this, Jo provides programming support for St Ives Jazz Club.
Carolyn Kennett
Carolyn Kennett
Carolyn Kennett is a historian of astronomy and archaeoastronomer. A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society she recently published research on the astronomical investigations at The Hurlers triple stone circles. She is an editor and contributor on the forthcoming Neptune: From Grand Discovery to a World Revealed: Essays on the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of John Couch Adams. Actively researching ancient sites in her local area of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, she regularly gives talks on the subject to both local and national groups. You will often find her out walking the moors of Penwith considering how ancient communities connected to the night sky.
Olga Suchanova
Olga Suchanova
Olga Suchanova is a Slovakian emerging visual artist living and working in London. Olga’s research is based on explorations and experimentations within the art, science and technology. Through her journeys she is inspired by the nature, properties of matter and energy; and quantum mysticism, which are translated into the light, colour, patterns and forms with the use of experimental photography, printmaking and painting. In her work she is questioning the concept of space, time, illusion and reality.
Keith Sparrow
Keith Sparrow
Keith Sparrow: Keith is an experienced illustrator, writer, actor and performer based in Cornwall. He runs regular manga-drawing workshops, and has illustrated for a wide range of projects.
Peter Beeson
Peter Beeson
Raised on the outskirts of West London, Peter Beeson was drawn to spending as much time as possible in nature. He now paints and lives in St Ives, Cornwall. His work is held in private and public collections worldwide. Over the first lockdown period in the UK, Peter was commissioned by Mayes Creative to produce images and facilitate a social media campaign for the #seventeensuns project. This has now developed into over one hundred paintings of the sunrise that Peter continues to create.