Mayes Creative engages the communities of Cornwall, Isles of Scilly and beyond in creative experiences to explore their world through heritage, science, technology and the environment. We want to discover new ways of thinking and doing that are fun and surprising, encouraging inspiration and broadening horizons.

Join us from 24th to 28th May for an opportunity to be inspired by a rich mix of creative provocations, aligning with stars, the milky way and summer astronomical phenomena, with input from astronomy specialists, archaeoastronomers and multidisciplinary artists. Find out more and how to apply here.

“How To” with Mayes Creative

Our ‘How to’ guides aim to show you a fun way to get creative online using an array of handy resources. The easy-to-follow videos and written guides are brilliant for those who are new to using technology and a great way to get stuck in.
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Watching the sun:

Carolyn Kennett and Cheryl Straffon’s illustrated online talk, and Q&A, on the sun and Cornwall’s ancient monuments can be watched here. The pair discuss Watching the Sun – a booklet containing collection of solar-themed articles offering insights of the significance of the sun to Cornwall’s historical sites.



For our Creative Challenge interviews, Mayes Creative’s Morag Robertson spoke to Wendy Watson, who lives in St Ives. Wendy has been furloughed and took up more than one creative art during lockdown. Listen the the interview below.

Since we spoke to Wendy in Covid Lockdown #1, she has returned to work during a very busy summer in St Ives. She also tells Morag Robertson what else she has been doing and what she hopes for the new year. Hear what she has to say below.

Creative Challenge Cornwall

Creative Challenge Cornwall is a Mayes Creative initiative to promote lockdown creativity.

Mayes Creative is known for its extensive work in local communities and Creative Challenge Cornwall sought to deliver opportunities for those in Cornwall to explore, create, be inspired, and communicate. Check out the Creative Cornwall website where Mayes Creative featured challenges and ideas to get creative, whatever the shape of people’s isolation.

Creative Challenge Cornwall